Welcome Influencers!

Finishing all the steps will get you submit an application to be a WealthHog.io Crypto Guru.  Crypto gurus have the ability to create custom portfolios (PortfolioPicks™), Engage with other Influencers, and eventually compete for more money, glamour, and awards (Coming Soon.)  So what are you waiting for!


For any other questions contact us at jickes@wealthhog.io

How do i get paid?

When crypto asset buyers purchase your CryptoPicks Portfolio a portion of the payment is paid to your Stellar/Ethereum public address on file.  The portion is determined by the percentage you selected for the CryptoPicks Portfolio setup.  Currently settings are not modifiable except by contacting us.

How much does it cost to list on Wealthhog?

Once the product goes into full release we will begin charging a reasonable subscription fee.  As an Alpha user you will get your first year free!

How many porfolios can I list?

We currently have portfolios capped to 8 per profile.  You can easily decommission portfolios on the fly and replace them with new portfolios.

How do crypto buyers receive their assets?

Crypto buyers receive a PortfolioPicks Token which represents the collection of crypto assets within the listed portfolio.  When the customer checks out through your account/portfolio page they are asked for a wallet address to receive the token(s).  Tokens are created on the Stellar Lumens blockchain.  A list of Stellar Wallets can be found here https://www.stellar.org/lumens/wallets/

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The Team

Jonathan Holloman Developer
Jonathan is a blockchain engineer, software developer, and early crypto adopter.
Josiah Ickes Designer
Josiah Ickes is a UX Designer, early bitcoin investor, and crypto cheerleader