Table of Contents

  • Value Proposition
      • Rewarding the Drivers of Crypo-Investing
  • Elements of the Wealthhog Ecosystem
      • Cryptocurrency Influencers
      • Cryptocurrency Investors
      • Wealthhog Platform
  • System workflows
      • Basic Service Model
      • Gamification
      • Maintaining Portfolio Valuation
  • BACN token
      • Utility
      • Token Distribution
  • Road map

Marketplace for cryptocurrency investment advice

Value Proposition

Wealthog currently creates crypto-coin compilations which allows for simple diversification on the blockchain.  Our tokens allow you to speculate on a wide portfolio of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is only one of over 600 cryptocurrencies currently being circulated.  Have you heard of IOTA: after a deal with Microsoft coins saw a 800% increase in valuation. Or what about Ethereum which saw a more stable incline and decline in the 2017 boom and bust than bitcoin.  Speculating on Bitcoin created millions of millionaires but many people lost their shirt. When you bet on many horses, you win.

Crypto Influencers also called crypto gurus are those who are excited about crypto.  They are necessary voices in the ecosystem that give confidence in the markets and ultimately drive purchasing power to their choice of crypto assets.  Wealthhog aims to empower crypto gurus with the tools to monetize their clout. Specifically we provide a platform to launch custom portfolio tokens, issued by wealthhog, but formulated by crypto influencers.

Crypto influencers typically broadcast on channels such as, Blogger, podcasts

Real Case Example: Crypto Crow currently broadcasts on and monetizes his channels using a combination of Google Adwords, Patreon, Custom Class Courses, and a proprietary auto-trading platform.  Collectively these all create revenue and allows for monetization. Our platform is similar to Patreon except instead of exclusive content unlocks for pledging, we provide exclusive portfolios which influencers can compile and content consumers can buy into.  Crypto gurus are incentivized to do so because for every token issuance we transfer a portion of the proceeds back to the crypto influencer.  Currently there are thousands of youtubers/podcasters/ and bloggers analyzing the crypto markets, informing Content Consumers (possibly future crypto influencers) and engaging audiences; building confidence in the industry as a whole.  

Why will crypto gurus want to use our platform to broadcast their picks?  Because we reward them for all purchases through the site. Just as youtube content creators get rewarded for ad watches we reward for customer conversion.  Our base fee for portfolio purchasers is 2.75%.

We want to open up the world to those who are the very best at crypto picks.  Specifically we will build a web platform where influential crypto gurus can build pre built portfolios for purchase by their followers.  Not only can they create their own public facing profile but they can cross share back to their other public facing channels such as youtube, podcasts, twitter and facebook maximizing their influence from our platform, to our platform.  

Elements of the Wealthhog Ecosystem

Cryptocurrency Influencers:

Cryptocurrency influencers and investment professionals form the backbone of the Wealthhog ecosystem.  We rely on their expertise and, in exchange, give them ways to better package their advice while simultaneously generating profit.  As the backbone, they bring followers to the platform. This helps to control customer acquisition cost and creates a network effect.  In the beginning, influencers will be hand selected and invited to join the platform. This approach will help control the amount and quality of tokens available for sale and will give crypto investors a sense of assurance due to the scrutinization.


Cryptocurrency Investors:

Investors serve as the input for the Wealthhog ecosystem.  These highly informed individuals choose the sources of their cryptocurrency information carefully and pride themselves in their decision making.  This is why they follow successful cryptocurrency professionals and model their advice. We rely on these individuals to provide cash flow to the system and provide them with tools to help them better understand their investments.


Wealthhog Platform:

Wealthhog, at its core, is a platform for generating token backed investment instruments. We give crypto professionals the ability to issue tokens that reflect their best investment practices and styles.  To do this, we are building a decentralized application that allows for the following:

  • Creation of token backed investment instruments with extensive levels of customization
  • Purchase of tokens with web3 integration
  • Discovery and comparison of all platform tokens and their historic performance


Token backed investments:


Publishers on our platform have the ability to issue Stellar tokens that represent a collection of crypto assets.  After selecting the underlying assets that make up and investment token, publishers can then set the percentage of each asset with the intent of representing an index consistent with the publishers investment strategy.  The publisher may also select the balancing behavior of the created index and the token generation cap.

After defining the mintable asset token publishers select the fee that they will charge customers for the token.  This gives publishers an excellent way to monetize their investment strategies in ways that customers can easily understand and in positions that they can easily move out of by returning the token.


Purchase of tokens


Customers visiting our platform will arrive one of two ways; organically or through dedicated links via our link publishers (Crypto Gurus).  Organic traffic will greeted by a landing page that highlights featured and sponsored publisher profiles. Tools for comparing performance of tokens will also be available.  Through a publishers profile via, customers will be able to select the token to purchase and initiate a transaction.

Much like ShapeShift, and other on-demand exchanges, customers initiate a transaction and are given a unique address to send their funding payment. After full payment is received, the underlying assets are purchased and the Stellar token is sent to the receiving address. Like a poker chip, this token can be returned at any time for any input type or swapped for another token on the platform.

Token comparison


Built into the Weathhog platform is the ability to compare the performance of different portfolio tokens based on historical data.  We believe that this will lead to certain publishers being elevated over other lower performing tokens and publishers, creating the need for premium services.

Tokens performance is compared using several data points to produce a score that’s easily digested by investors and helps to retain interest in the platform.



Premium services for crypto influencers (Gurus) will be paid for with BACN tokens.  BACN will be used as an incentive for effort. 10,000,000 will be generated. 2,000,000 will be retained for founders, following vesting period.  1,000,000 will be retained for future hiring.


Road map


Crowdsourced portfolio generation platform which rewards successful predictors of market volatility.


Stage 1: Development of index token generating platform

December 2017 – April 2018 (Complete!)


During this phase of development we spend time and resources on the platform that will make trades for the underlying assets of various indices and generate the corresponding index token.  The application will accept the necessary KYC, take the required information, and send the portfolio token to the specified address. The purpose of this stage is to test the basic functions and technology of the Wealthhog platform.


Stage 2: Development and closed release of alpha

April 2018 – October 2018


We expect to fully focus our efforts on developing the basic viable rendition of the platform during this stage. This consists of the customer facing marketplace as well as the influencer portal; a dashboard that allows influencer to update their profile information, featured videos, and active portfolio tokens.We will also begin to pre-register cryptocurrency influencers for closed alpha and subsequent beta testing.


Stage 3: Beta release with parallel marketing efforts

October 2018 – February 2019


This stage will encapsulate the development and release of features identified from the previous stage as being the most useful.  We expect to gain feedback from stakeholders and incorporate it into the beta release. This stage will also be marked by a targeted marketing push to reach and convert a collection of the most influential voices in the cryptocurrency space.


Mobile development will coincide with the beta release of the  We anticipate a high rate of mobile traffic on our customer facing side and plan to deliver a remarkable user experience.


Stage 4: Open api development. 1.0 release

February 2019 – May 2019


We plan to fully integrate with well known cryptocurrency exchanges around the world.  To this end, we will be releasing limited vendor facing access to the Wealthhog api. This will give exchanges the ability to provide portfolio tokens on their site with no redirects or interruptions to the customer experience.  The release of the open api will be accompanied by tools and widgets that allow for easy integration with the platform. 1.0 will be release during this stage as well.  With this release we plan to relax the registration policy for influencers while letting the community dictate the most successful ones.  We will also institute our advertising model, as it will give new influencers a way to showcase their crypto picks


BACN, our Stellar Lumens token, will be implemented as a payment system to receive incentives in the site.